Fury 2014 Brad Pitt WW2 Jacket

Brad Pitt; the renowned Hollywood hero is an actor and producer is known widely for his immense versatility, his handsome face; his dashing taste of dressing and styling; where everything contributes making him the man of dreams! An actor like him is indeed a blessing for the Hollywood film industry. Because of the magnificently uplifted and elegantly graceful attitude that he owes, his audience worldwide is very much inspired from his magnetic  personality. This may be the heart-throbbing reason that made dashing super star like Angelina Julie sink in love with him!


Cowleatherjackets.com; the most reliable and affordable online store worldwide brilliantly captures every emerging style of this gallantly talented artist to bring towards you the most trendy outfits of this amazing super star. Capturing the most fascinating fashionista of Brad Pitt, we came across the latest evolving 2014 movie “Fury” which is an upcoming American action-drama terrific war film. In the course of the film, we present you this cutthroat WW2 Jacket that is adorably worn by Brad Pitt in Hollywood movie Fury 2014.


The story revolves around fascinating plot which makes us get linked to the historic era of World War. At the end of World War II, dated April 1945, the gallant hearted Allies make their final push in the European Theater, which is a battle-hardened army sergeant with the name of Wardaddy (Pitt) who determinably commands a Sherman tank along with his five-man crew on the way of a deadly mission behind his cunning enemy lines. Outnumbered as well as outgunned, Wardaddy and his desperate men face overwhelming odds in their fierce-full attempt to passionately strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


Brad Pitt brilliantly illustrated superbly stylish image in his recently released movie by virtue of this amazing military styled jacket. In the ‘Brad Pitt Fury Military Jacket‘ the great superstar outlook determinably deserves the focused attention because of brilliantly admirable attitude. His choices are always elegant and handsome, just the way his personality is. To wear this amazing outfit, you can always convey your impression and make a genuine eye catching appearance while preparing for the casual parties, fascinating night club outings and much much more which is even beyond imaginations.


‘Fury Jacket’ has been keenly prepared making use of the most genuine cowhide leather which is revealed from the super best quality of the jacket. It comes in light brown color which gives a brilliant spark of elegance to the entire jacket. It has been skillfully composed with ultra stylish as well as unique features with throughout exact as well as perfect stitching. It adorably carries a rib knitted shirt which comes in compline  with a style collar that includes zipping front closure. The sleeves includes a waistband with also a rib knitted fitting along with the two uniquely styled open broad pockets. You can comfortably as well as easily wear this amazing piece in order to create a perfectly noticeable appearance of your dreams!


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  1. MORE GQ world war II retreading?

    STILL NO SIGN of a treatment of the
    awesomely relevant 60th anniversary of the
    21st century DEFINING – – –KOREAN WAR?




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