Ashes To Ashes Alex Drake Leather Jacket

  • Lower outside pockets
  • 2 upper chest outside pockets
  • White lining
  • Chrome studs
  • Side straps
  • Snapped collar design
  • Front zip closure
  • Made in England

ashes-to-ashes draks-jacket

Many were enthralled by the intriguing notion bestowed in Ashes to Ashes that one may die solely to awaken in over again amount – particularly the past. However, character Alex Drake appears to own handled the expertise quite well. Her adventures wherever exciting enough to realize a following from fans WHO frequently watched the series on the BBC. One in every of the items that stood out most concerning Alex wasn’t the odd expertise she was currently living in, however her style in fashion, together with this fashionable whit leather jacket. It looks like the right decide for somebody whose article of clothing|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} tastes come back from the new millennium however notice they need to select clothing from the flip of the century.

ashes-to-ashes draks-leather-jacket

The Ashes to Ashes Alex Drake animal skin jacket is that the excellent combination of designs from previous and new times. The primary factor several happen to note concerning the garment is that the luxurious whit leather. This color may be a very talked-about, however uncommon one for animal skin jackets, instantly creating this AN item to be desired. Additionally appealing concerning the jacket is that the terribly distinctive collar. The front nothing closure goes right up the overlap and therefore the collar options enticing snaps. There square measure four nothing shut pockets –two vertical ones on either aspect of the chest and 2 running horizontally on either aspect of the waist. Buckles on either lower aspect helps to finish the planning. this is often the right jacket for carrying on casual days, to the workplace, or perhaps once going a trifle dressier. The feature animal skin is real cowhide and prime quality whereas the sewing is all done in keeping with the very best standards.


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