Your Feminine Sink Into Spy With Run All Night (2015) Genesis Rodriguez Black Leather Jacket

Filled with Action and Crime, the versatile Run All Night (2015) is going to be the most spy oriented drama that is about to rock the heights of success in Hollywood film industry. The movie’s great victorious success is not just attributed to the most intellectual production and direction, but it’s also brilliantly associated with the most talented cast of the movie. Besides Liam Neeson’s wonderful talented action as well as thrills contributed in making this film an awesome success; a glamorous role was played by the most gorgeous and outstanding Genesis Rodriguez.



It is simply because of this reason why her classy and trendy apparel has been followed so religiously. She being the part of the story, the plot of the film revolves around Mobster as well as the hit man where the most intellectual Jimmy Conlon has just one single night in order to figure out  where his own particular loyalties lie: with his unfortunate estranged son, Mike, whose entire life is in danger, or his own longtime best friend, the master mob boss Shawn Maguire, who also desperately wants Mike to pay for the sake of the death of his own beloved son. Genesis Rodriguez, born in Miami, Florida owes herself a legendary filmy  background, being the daughter of the most famous and the notable  Venezuelan singer and actor. She is indeed a avid fashion follower with her skinny looks astonishingly viral in this particular film as ever.



One can indeed see Genesis Rodriguez in the film draped into a bold black slim fitted skinny genuine leather outfit that comes with elegant and trendy features like a collarless and zipper-less front which is also customizable in its replicated design only at CowLeatherJackets. Another adorable feature includes the long elegance of the sleeves with vertically long front zipper adoration on the front making it a perfect biking apparel for ladies out there!


Bring the Force In Your Life With Star Wars: VII – The Force Leather Costume

Fascinating costumes of the latest upcoming movies and games is always what the fans of Hollywood movies always crave for. One of the most outstanding sequel in this regard is Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Leather Costume which is going to be the most wanted best selling attire all before the release date of the film which is 18 December 2015!


Filled with Action as well as Adventure, the entire entertaining movie is also the most superbly perfect blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fiction.

The movie is a genuine continuation of the saga perfectly created by George Lucas where the plot set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – the story full Return of the Jedi (1983).



Along with the most enthralling costumes and attire chosen for the movie, the production had a great preference for using versatile real locations as well as miniature models over lavish green-screens along with  computer-generated imagery whenever it is possible so as in order to make the entire film aesthetically in a perfectly similar manner to the completely original Star Wars trilogy.

The movie is a versatile creation of J.J. Abrams, who is a competitive Producer, a versatile Writer belonging to a great Music Department.



When it comes to the great Star Wars: Episode VII, even the most tiniest piece nugget of new information is taken to be worthwhile.

With regard to the costume definition, the director of the movie has surely confirmed Michael Kaplan that he will undoubtedly prove himself to be the most competitive costume designer on Star Wars: Episode VII.



Now its only at where perfect replication of Kaplan’s replication would be available where the outwear besides being the Episode VII theme replica, would be a perfectly protective outwear against winter as  it will be completely fur lined from the inside adorned with a stylish hood to make you thrill into star world’s realism!


Hugh Jackman X-men: Apocalypse (2016) Leather Costume



When it comes to fantasy rolled up with action and adventure, Hollywood deserves round of applause for the brilliantly enchanting X-Men sequels. But, more than that, when it comes to perfect leather replication, nothing is noteworthy than the most creatively crafted


X-Men costumes and genuine leather outfits have always been the most virally demanded items, thanks to Bryan Singer who has again managed to create a marvel that deserves super-hit success. Bryan Singer (Producer, Director and Writer) brilliantly chose Apocalypse as the unique antagonist in order to realistically examine the most dreadful origins of mutants on Earth. In the words of Bryan, Historical mutants has always and always had intrigued him whenever he found people think about their Gods and their history as well as miracles dipped into enormous powers.


According to Simon Kinberg, the latest news that we got about it is that this will contain more elements of mass destruction than any of the previous X-Films that have been witnessed so far. Much of the time is being spent after creating a character that’s the most powerful mutant villain ever spotted in the X-Men movies so far – even more powerful than Magneto or the great Phoenix! The scope of the movie is just like a disaster movie featuring an extinction-level event which will be a mix of practical along with digital.


The best part of the news is for the most awaited news Marvel Fans! Hugh Jackman’s most awaited possible costume for the latest upcoming X-Men Apocalypse which has been revealed which Marvel BC has recently reported that an alleged photo of the super hero Hugh Jackman Wolverine Costume has appeared to be online.


Its simply where cowleatherjackets comes into vivid action by bringing you forward the most leading replica design of Hugh Jackman perfectly imitated from the latest upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie. Adorned with genuine leather both on the upper as well as the lower wear, the jacket comes up with grey colored costume with unique padding features throughout on the front of the attire, making it extra protective and extra appealing as a perfect X-Men Apocalypse costume!

SPECTRE – 007 James Bond Black Trendiest Leather Jacket


Legendary style icon James Bond is now ready to sparkle in SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) which is a great fictional global criminal syndicate along with a

brutal terrorist organisation well featured in the James Bond notable novels by Ian Fleming, the mind-blowing films based on those best selling novels, and enthralling James Bond video games.

The lavishly appealing costume is being featured in a film with the movie plot that revolves around a cryptic message from the complex  Bond’s past that sends him on a trail in order to uncover a sinister organization. While in this scenario M battles political forces so as to keep the secret service intelligently alive, Bond gradually peels back the layers of deceit so as to reveal the most terrible truth behind the heart throbbing SPECTRE.

SPECTRE is not aligned to any particular nation or any kind of political ideology. SPECTRE began itself in the novels as a small group of brutal criminals but gradually became a vast internationally recognized organisation with its very own SPECTRE Island perfect training base in the entire course of the films, in order to replace the disastrous Soviet SMERSH.

Like the previous costumes and jackets of Bond that have always been in vogue, our intelligence suggests that his worthwhile SPECTRE -007 Bond Black Costume is also on the edge of best-selling popularity. We’ve already admired his awesome shoes, his seductive shirts and his romantic dinner suit, but it isn’t all the unique Tom Ford tab collars for adorable Daniel Craig in Skyfall.

Its only at where you may find the masterpiece made from genuine as well as synthetic leather as a perfectly imitated replica and featuring a skin fit attire with signature tartan lining, the gallant outfit is sure to have you covered entirely whether you’re being roughed up by the rough weather in town or sinked into pleasant winds of Scottish Highlands!

SPECTRE – 007 James Bond Black Costume

Product Description: presents the upcoming year’s trendiest leather treat in the form of SPECTRE – 007 James Bond bewitching attire; a heart throbbing bold Black Costume that shapes out the best of yourself. The costume is the state of the art attire that is going to stand as a perfect spy uniform in the upcoming days. As James Bond is a style setting figure most popularly followed for his fashion trends, this body features eye-catching slim fit SPECTRE – 007 costume is superbly enough to dazzle souls with spy fever!


  • Pitch black color costume
  • Looks great as a slim fit best quality synthetic material outfit
  • Long fitted sleeves
  • Simple Round undefined neck design
  • Signature costume adorably worn by James Bond
  • Perfect replica costume
  • Tartan lining embossed as imitated from the real costume

Wild Card Jason Statham Leather Jacket


The fever of fashion speaks loud in the moulds of leather designs and costumes, and it takes only masters of the leather to imitate leather outfit designs at their best to bring out the most latest as well as the most creative masterpiece leather treat for the most involved movie fans.

This coming season drape yourself with a touch of mild wildness with the genuine leather outfit presented by to serve your goose bumps at the best – with the most wild but mild looking Jason Statham Wild Card Movie Replica Leather jacket. Dashing Jason Statham truly deserves this tough looking genuine leather attire to justify fully the combination character demanded by his role in the movie.

Jason Statham movies aren’t really well known for their dialogue. People actually attend his films for their bewitching action sequences and apparel contributing to his role, which is actually the reason why so few filmmakers really give Statham much to say. “Wild Card” gives him more frequent opportunities so as to converse than to clobber. His enthralling fight scenes have their predictable, yet ultimate violent payoffs, but his particular rambling monologues are truly unexpectedly, virtually gloriously entertaining. This particular film’s tagline should actually be “Come thinking for the stabbing, and do stay for the gabbing!”

The plot of the movie’s story stylishly revolves around when a Las Vegas bodyguard along with the lethal skills and a genuine gambling problem miserably gets in trouble with the drastic mob, he amazingly has one last play…and it’s either all or nothing at all.

Throughout the movie, Statham expertly handles his absurd dialogue. The film is truly at its best when Nick comes to chat with people. “Wild Card” just wisely casts its all supporting characters with the main role actor who leaves a lasting impression, esp. by virtue of the genuine leather attire, like the one of the cutthroat nature divinely put on by Stathum!

Jason Statham Wild Card Movie Leather jacket

Product Description:

Get in style this season with this mildly and wild looking Wild Card Jason Statham Coat. This coat belongs to the most hot running fashion line attire adorably inspired as the coat that was incredibly worn by Jason Statham to justify his role as Nick Wild in the super-hit movie Wild Card. The movie is a great opportunity for the trendy costume lovers esp. Jason Statham’s followers who anxiously wait for his movie to view his enthralling acts and styles rather than the plot of the movie itself is just the one most reliably available to quench your leather loving taste buds!


  • 100% Real Leather on the outer core
  • Quilted VIscose Lining fabricated inside
  • Uniquely versatile Lapel Collar
  • Front YKK Style Buttoned Closure
  • ‘Two Stylish Waist Pockets and Two Capacious Inside Pockets
  • Trendy Open Hem Cuffs
  • Neat and Tidy Intricate Stitching Throughout
  • Strict Quality Control Check from Leather Selection all the way to Stitching
  •  Bold Black color on the outer core

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