SPECTRE – 007 James Bond Black Trendiest Leather Jacket


Legendary style icon James Bond is now ready to sparkle in SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) which is a great fictional global criminal syndicate along with a

brutal terrorist organisation well featured in the James Bond notable novels by Ian Fleming, the mind-blowing films based on those best selling novels, and enthralling James Bond video games.

The lavishly appealing costume is being featured in a film with the movie plot that revolves around a cryptic message from the complex  Bond’s past that sends him on a trail in order to uncover a sinister organization. While in this scenario M battles political forces so as to keep the secret service intelligently alive, Bond gradually peels back the layers of deceit so as to reveal the most terrible truth behind the heart throbbing SPECTRE.

SPECTRE is not aligned to any particular nation or any kind of political ideology. SPECTRE began itself in the novels as a small group of brutal criminals but gradually became a vast internationally recognized organisation with its very own SPECTRE Island perfect training base in the entire course of the films, in order to replace the disastrous Soviet SMERSH.

Like the previous costumes and jackets of Bond that have always been in vogue, our intelligence suggests that his worthwhile SPECTRE -007 Bond Black Costume is also on the edge of best-selling popularity. We’ve already admired his awesome shoes, his seductive shirts and his romantic dinner suit, but it isn’t all the unique Tom Ford tab collars for adorable Daniel Craig in Skyfall.

Its only at cowleatherjackets.com where you may find the masterpiece made from genuine as well as synthetic leather as a perfectly imitated replica and featuring a skin fit attire with signature tartan lining, the gallant outfit is sure to have you covered entirely whether you’re being roughed up by the rough weather in town or sinked into pleasant winds of Scottish Highlands!

SPECTRE – 007 James Bond Black Costume

Product Description:

Cowleatherjackets.com presents the upcoming year’s trendiest leather treat in the form of SPECTRE – 007 James Bond bewitching attire; a heart throbbing bold Black Costume that shapes out the best of yourself. The costume is the state of the art attire that is going to stand as a perfect spy uniform in the upcoming days. As James Bond is a style setting figure most popularly followed for his fashion trends, this body features eye-catching slim fit SPECTRE – 007 costume is superbly enough to dazzle souls with spy fever!


  • Pitch black color costume
  • Looks great as a slim fit best quality synthetic material outfit
  • Long fitted sleeves
  • Simple Round undefined neck design
  • Signature costume adorably worn by James Bond
  • Perfect replica costume
  • Tartan lining embossed as imitated from the real costume

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