Wild Card Jason Statham Leather Jacket


The fever of fashion speaks loud in the moulds of leather designs and costumes, and it takes only masters of the leather to imitate leather outfit designs at their best to bring out the most latest as well as the most creative masterpiece leather treat for the most involved movie fans.

This coming season drape yourself with a touch of mild wildness with the genuine leather outfit presented by cowleatherjackets.com to serve your goose bumps at the best – with the most wild but mild looking Jason Statham Wild Card Movie Replica Leather jacket. Dashing Jason Statham truly deserves this tough looking genuine leather attire to justify fully the combination character demanded by his role in the movie.

Jason Statham movies aren’t really well known for their dialogue. People actually attend his films for their bewitching action sequences and apparel contributing to his role, which is actually the reason why so few filmmakers really give Statham much to say. “Wild Card” gives him more frequent opportunities so as to converse than to clobber. His enthralling fight scenes have their predictable, yet ultimate violent payoffs, but his particular rambling monologues are truly unexpectedly, virtually gloriously entertaining. This particular film’s tagline should actually be “Come thinking for the stabbing, and do stay for the gabbing!”

The plot of the movie’s story stylishly revolves around when a Las Vegas bodyguard along with the lethal skills and a genuine gambling problem miserably gets in trouble with the drastic mob, he amazingly has one last play…and it’s either all or nothing at all.

Throughout the movie, Statham expertly handles his absurd dialogue. The film is truly at its best when Nick comes to chat with people. “Wild Card” just wisely casts its all supporting characters with the main role actor who leaves a lasting impression, esp. by virtue of the genuine leather attire, like the one of the cutthroat nature divinely put on by Stathum!


Jason Statham Wild Card Movie Leather jacket

Product Description:

Get in style this season with this mildly and wild looking Wild Card Jason Statham Coat. This coat belongs to the most hot running fashion line attire adorably inspired as the coat that was incredibly worn by Jason Statham to justify his role as Nick Wild in the super-hit movie Wild Card. The movie is a great opportunity for the trendy costume lovers esp. Jason Statham’s followers who anxiously wait for his movie to view his enthralling acts and styles rather than the plot of the movie itself andCowleatherjackets.com is just the one most reliably available to quench your leather loving taste buds!


  • 100% Real Leather on the outer core
  • Quilted VIscose Lining fabricated inside
  • Uniquely versatile Lapel Collar
  • Front YKK Style Buttoned Closure
  • ‘Two Stylish Waist Pockets and Two Capacious Inside Pockets
  • Trendy Open Hem Cuffs
  • Neat and Tidy Intricate Stitching Throughout
  • Strict Quality Control Check from Leather Selection all the way to Stitching
  •  Bold Black color on the outer core

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