Your Feminine Sink Into Spy With Run All Night (2015) Genesis Rodriguez Black Leather Jacket

Filled with Action and Crime, the versatile Run All Night (2015) is going to be the most spy oriented drama that is about to rock the heights of success in Hollywood film industry. The movie’s great victorious success is not just attributed to the most intellectual production and direction, but it’s also brilliantly associated with the most talented cast of the movie. Besides Liam Neeson’s wonderful talented action as well as thrills contributed in making this film an awesome success; a glamorous role was played by the most gorgeous and outstanding Genesis Rodriguez.



It is simply because of this reason why her classy and trendy apparel has been followed so religiously. She being the part of the story, the plot of the film revolves around Mobster as well as the hit man where the most intellectual Jimmy Conlon has just one single night in order to figure out  where his own particular loyalties lie: with his unfortunate estranged son, Mike, whose entire life is in danger, or his own longtime best friend, the master mob boss Shawn Maguire, who also desperately wants Mike to pay for the sake of the death of his own beloved son. Genesis Rodriguez, born in Miami, Florida owes herself a legendary filmy  background, being the daughter of the most famous and the notable  Venezuelan singer and actor. She is indeed a avid fashion follower with her skinny looks astonishingly viral in this particular film as ever.



One can indeed see Genesis Rodriguez in the film draped into a bold black slim fitted skinny genuine leather outfit that comes with elegant and trendy features like a collarless and zipper-less front which is also customizable in its replicated design only at CowLeatherJackets. Another adorable feature includes the long elegance of the sleeves with vertically long front zipper adoration on the front making it a perfect biking apparel for ladies out there!


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