Wolverine and the X-Men

X-men is a film series that gained a great deal of popularity and appreciation. With each sequel, the film only reached new heights. It basically covers the story of a superhero team who operate under the name of X-men. There have been seven films in the series, and each has managed to win hearts.


One character that managed to win quite a bit of appreciation was that of Wolverine that is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Even with the minimal dialogues, the actors managed to win hearts as he showed all the emotions he had to with his eyes and body


Recently he did break hearts when he declared that the upcoming film of the series that would be released in 2017 would be his last. It indeed managed to break quite a few hearts. All the movies were met with appreciative reviews. However, X-man and X-men 2 were the ones that one most critical appreciation.

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According to the critics, these managed to highlight some important issues such as that of discrimination and intolerance. However, it is the X-Men: Days of Future Past which was the most successful as it managed to attain success on both grounds, commercial as well as critical.


Superman Comic Super Hero Store

Superman is a character that requires no introduction. People of all ages are rather familiar with the superhero and his story. The story of the superhero ranges back to his birth wherein he was born on a different planet and then sent to Earth as an infant. His journey to discover and what he manages to do with all his powers are what forms crux of the story. Have you ever so wondered what is it that you learn from the superhero? While it is true that it is a fictional character that was introduced for the purpose of entertainment, if you think long and heard, there is a great lesson that you can derive from his story.


Here was a man who had all sorts of power that were unbeknown to the people of the planet that he resided in. There was so much that he could have attained with the use of this power, so much that he could have achieved. He could have ruled and yet this is not what he decided. He decided to sue his powers to protect those he could save. He decided to utilize his power to save these around him. He kept his identity hidden and yet strived to help out everyone that he could reach out to.


This is indeed a great lesson that you can derive from the story of Superman. It shows you that if you put your powers to the right use, you would not have to force people to conquer the world. You would be able to conquer hearts. You will be able to rule hearts which is half the battle one.


The story of the superhero and the problems that he face din life along with the sacrifices that he had to make are indeed the kind of stories that you can seek inspiration from

Batman Comic Hero


Batman is a famous comic book character that does not need any form of introducing words to be recognized. Just the name would suffice for the purpose. The character became so famous that it was adapted for movies as well. In the time when most of the superheroes were those that had super powers, Batman provided with a refreshing change. This superhero did not possess any powers. He could not fly. He could not jump off from one building to other with the help of webs. He could not turn into fire. He could not freeze his enemies. And yet he was a superhero. He was a simple boy who used his intelligence, and physical power to thwart those who did him wrong.


Batman was the secret identity of a millionaire Bruce Wayne, who as a child had been scared by witnessing the murders of his parents. Thus began his journey for revenge. He trained himself long and hard. He ensured that he came to a position wherein he would be able to defeat his enemies. Gotham is the city he resided in and in his pursuit of revenge; he did not forget the state of the city. He strives hard to ensure that his city was protected from all damages.


If you read the series keenly, you would learn that it teaches us quite a few things. It teaches us to rely on our own power. It teaches us that everyone has the tendency to be a superhero and come to the aide of others. It is your inner power that you need to bring out, your own intelligence that you need to put the best use to. Once you do so. You will be a superhero who would be able to come to aid to those around you. Batman wasn’t a man with superpowers. He was a man who used his simple powers to become a superhero.

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