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Superman is a character that requires no introduction. People of all ages are rather familiar with the superhero and his story. The story of the superhero ranges back to his birth wherein he was born on a different planet and then sent to Earth as an infant. His journey to discover and what he manages to do with all his powers are what forms crux of the story. Have you ever so wondered what is it that you learn from the superhero? While it is true that it is a fictional character that was introduced for the purpose of entertainment, if you think long and heard, there is a great lesson that you can derive from his story.


Here was a man who had all sorts of power that were unbeknown to the people of the planet that he resided in. There was so much that he could have attained with the use of this power, so much that he could have achieved. He could have ruled and yet this is not what he decided. He decided to sue his powers to protect those he could save. He decided to utilize his power to save these around him. He kept his identity hidden and yet strived to help out everyone that he could reach out to.


This is indeed a great lesson that you can derive from the story of Superman. It shows you that if you put your powers to the right use, you would not have to force people to conquer the world. You would be able to conquer hearts. You will be able to rule hearts which is half the battle one.


The story of the superhero and the problems that he face din life along with the sacrifices that he had to make are indeed the kind of stories that you can seek inspiration from


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