Wolverine and the X-Men

X-men is a film series that gained a great deal of popularity and appreciation. With each sequel, the film only reached new heights. It basically covers the story of a superhero team who operate under the name of X-men. There have been seven films in the series, and each has managed to win hearts.


One character that managed to win quite a bit of appreciation was that of Wolverine that is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Even with the minimal dialogues, the actors managed to win hearts as he showed all the emotions he had to with his eyes and body


Recently he did break hearts when he declared that the upcoming film of the series that would be released in 2017 would be his last. It indeed managed to break quite a few hearts. All the movies were met with appreciative reviews. However, X-man and X-men 2 were the ones that one most critical appreciation.

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According to the critics, these managed to highlight some important issues such as that of discrimination and intolerance. However, it is the X-Men: Days of Future Past which was the most successful as it managed to attain success on both grounds, commercial as well as critical.


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