Fight Club Brad Pitt Black Jacket with Red Stripes

Fight Club Brad Pitt Black Jacket with Red Stripes


• Shirt style unique versatile collar

• Greatly inspired from ‘Fight Club’ movie

• Greatly Inspired by Brad Pitt

• Back style kept Plain with best quality viscous lining

• Front style adorned withButton shutting plus two gorgeous pockets (flaps)

• Great looking real authentic leather outer shell

• Premium quality best White yarn finest stitching


Who is not familiar with Angelina Jolie’s dashing guy Brad Pitt; the emerging fashion icon ever since on the sky of Hollywood. The greatly brilliant Hollywood actor is not only dominant owing to his stylish roles and fully justifying acting, but is taken as the most reliable as well as trendy figure when it comes to the choice of leather jacket apparel for the sake of perfect dressing. The FIGHT CLUB BRAD PITT RED LEATHER JACKET is a most delightful treat in this regard most diligently fabricated by which lies as a throbbing and flashing commendable choice of widespread masses across the globe. The uniqueness of the front side together with the simplicity captured on the back makes people get terribly and positively obsessed wight this gallantly red leather jacket so that you look daring and challenging throughout!


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